1minute69's website is currently being updated.

Meanwhile, you're invited to watch the Metaphorá video report underneath, the collective's latest project created along with K Danse company
which was last presented live at Ramonville Cultural Center, on November 16th and 17th, near Toulouse.
You can also contact us here if you wish. Stay tuned !

1minute69 - Metaphorá - 2016 creation on Vimeo.

__1minute69 is an artist collective created by french digital media enthusiasts who share ideas and approaches on collaborative works.


__Bound by a common will to give the audience a playful experience through immersive and/or interactive universes, the collective artists develop pieces based on the grounds of illusion and representation, in the forms of performances, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video stage designs.


__Opening the way to new artistic practices, digital technologies applied to sensitive systems are an integral part of their research dynamics, where space, body, sound and visuals are closely related.


__Contact : callback [-AROBASE-] 1minute69 [-POINT-] com

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